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connectors replace hard-wired wiring

Today's equipment manufacturers are increasingly using connectors for wiring, and why are traditional hard-wired wiring methods replaced? Because the connector products have been developed for many years, many connection technologies have been perfected. The results of the engineers' trials of the connector and hard wiring are: the connection effect and economic cost of the connector, and the discovery of the connector. The connection and wiring method of the product is more economical and practical.

connectors replace hard-wired wiring

Today's connector-based connectivity solutions reduce unit costs and increase productivity, so thousands of device manufacturers switch from traditional hard-wired point-to-point connections to today's widely used automation plant and control system connections. The connector cable assembly method applied. With the increase of pressure factors such as labor cost and corporate economic profit, many OEMs have made profit as one of the goals. For many of their customers, the connector solution has better connection effect and economical cost than the hard-wired solution, so the connection is made. The device connection scheme will be applied by more device manufacturers.

At each stage of the product lifecycle, connector connections are more flexible and economical, and the connectors are routed harder than hardwired, and the connector wiring complements the modular mechanical design. Modular, equipment and plant systems are made up of interconnected functional modules that are more economical and efficient than traditional single design methods. Standard components, such as control panels, motor components, and power distribution boxes, can be pre-installed, with the final assembly plugging the predictors and connectors together. So this is one of the reasons why connectors can replace hard-wired wiring.

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