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​Common circular power connector knowledge

In the electronics world, connectors are used to transmit power and signals and to transmit network and data signals throughout the device. These multi-pin contact designs are easy to install and remove, and round power connectors have evolved over the years to be the most common because they are more compact and offer a smaller envelope than rectangular power connectors. Different applications require different designs, here are some common circular power connector knowledge.

Common circular power connector knowledge

The circular power connector effectively disconnects and reconnects the power cord from the device. They were developed to replace hard-wired power cables, which are often damaged or require extensive repairs when replacing power supplies. The introduction of a circular power connector provides a fast and compact solution to this problem. It is also used in a wide range of applications, from medical equipment to street and vehicle lighting, to industrial machines to consumer electronics.

Their round shape is ideal for a variety of locking methods, such as threaded push-pull and bayonet locking designs, which are usually made of two materials, metal and plastic. Its rubber is also available for waterproof or dust-proof connectors. These locking methods are easy to operate, and the round connector also packs a large number of contacts into a relatively compact size, offering a wide range of pin counts and configurations. When selecting a specified circular power connector, international power standards such as IP and Mil-spec must be considered. The IP standard helps determine if the connector is dust, water, etc.

In fact, understanding a large amount of data is critical to the safe designation of a circular power connector. First you must know the voltage and current of each contact to ensure that the connector has the right number of contacts to meet the power requirements of your device. Second, understand all the features that the connector needs to do. For example, if you need a compact design that can carry power and coaxial signals, a hybrid design may be the best choice.

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