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What are the shell types of rectangular connectors

There are many types of connectors, and different connector models have different sizes and shapes. Rectangular connectors are widely used in electronic devices such as computers, printers, stereos, and mobile phones. Everywhere, how much do you know about the performance characteristics of a rectangular connector? What are the shell types for rectangular connectors?

What are the shell types of rectangular connectors

the rectangular connector has a key component called an elastic contact wire. The structural quality of the elastic contact wire greatly affects the contact performance of the rectangular connector. Because if the elastic contact line has good elasticity and considerable impact resistance, it can greatly improve the efficiency of our work in the actual production and life, and ensure that the work is better and well-organized.

Rectangular connectors can be classified into the following types depending on the Shell:

Aluminium cooler Shell: This Shell has a rectangular connector with a wide range of products. The common types of specifications are 9.15mm and 1.27mm pitch.

Extended Shell: The rectangular connector of this kind of Shell not only has a variety of specifications and spacing, but also can be developed according to the needs of customers, providing customers with considerable convenience.

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