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The importance of new energy connectors

At present, the role of connectors in the automotive industry can be described as important. With the development and application of new energy, the development of new energy vehicles is also accelerating! This has to talk about the role of new energy connectors for new energy vehicles. Because the new energy connector has become the mainstream of the development of the new energy automotive industry.

The importance of new energy connectors

New energy connectors have higher requirements than traditional connectors. Traditional cars generally occupy about 25 percent of connectors. The car connectors used in traditional cars are low-voltage connectors, while the car connectors used in new-energy cars are high-voltage connectors. The working voltage of conventional cars is 14V. The new energy vehicle's working voltage is 400V ~ 600V, so the new energy is driving the overall improvement of the automotive electrical and electronic architecture, and the new energy connector is the key to promoting the structural improvement.

There are many types of new energy vehicle interfaces. In order to choose a suitable new energy connector, the high number of plugging, current carrying capacity, heat resistance, sealing waterproof and vibration resistance of the connector are all considered because of these parameters.The Quality of connector affects the driving safety of new energy vehicles, so the quality requirements and manufacturing precision of high-voltage connectors connecting new energy vehicles are very high. In addition to traditional cars, new energy vehicles can also be connected to low-voltage connectors. This type of low-frequency connector is generally a specific product customized on the basis of new energy connectors, mainly used in battery management systems for new energy electric vehicles, battery balancing. The system, the vehicle control system, can also be controlled for some other types of signal control systems.

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