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Five kinds of packaging materials commonly used in cables

Cables are often used in a variety of environments, and their outer packaging materials provide additional insulation to prevent wear, chemicals, electromagnetic interference, fluids, heat, moisture and other undesirable factors,  material Wire harness protection in a variety of configurations is available for  according to color factorssize and size. This article mainly introduces five kinds of outer packaging materials commonly used in cables.

Five kinds of packaging materials commonly used in cables

Heat shrinkable tube

The heat-shrink tubing is tightly wrapped around the wire, making the rough surface smooth, providing thermal and electrical insulation. The adhesive backing tube provides a strong seal to prevent moisture and chemicals from corroding the wire harness assembly, requiring the use of a heat gun, which increases the time of production and may also be difficult to apply to the entire seat belt.


Casing expandable or packageable sleeves are easy to install and highly flexible for fast, easy wire binding, woven polyethylene sleeves are popular because they are durable and lightweight, even at low temperatures The direction remains completely flexible, allowing the cable assembly and harness to be bent repeatedly without damage.

Spiral wound tube

Spiral-wound tubes allow cables and electronic harnesses to enter and exit the outer packaging at multiple points, and are available in a variety of color options for easy identification. For example, orange is typically used for high pressure applications.

Split loom tube

The split loom tube is generally cut from the side downwards for easy insertion of the cable and the electronic harness. After the installation, the slit is closed, no need for heat shrinkage or dispensing end, thereby reducing production time. The plastic tube is usually made of polyamide, polyethylene or Made of polypropylene, however, handling it without compressing the wiring can be cumbersome.


Tape single-coated pressure-sensitive tapes are available in a variety of backing materials and pressure sensitive adhesives, while PVC is the most commonly used tape material, but other materials, including fabrics, felts, foams and foils, can be used. The flexibility of the harness was be Minimized.

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