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Why does the industrial connector fail

Although each connector has a rated life cycle. But for those connectors used in industrial machinery, incorrect design and some other factors can lead to premature failure of the industrial connector, resulting in expensive machine equipment damage. So some factors that cause the connector to fail are worthy of attention. Why does the industrial connector fail?

Why does the industrial connector fail

1. Connector wear level

Repeated attachment and disconnection of the connector can cause the metal on the contact to wear and corrode when exposed to water, dust, dirt, and other irritating elements, which may cause the mating pin to fail to engage properly when inserted into the connector housing.

2. The connector is not properly selected

For example, in a humid environment, a special industrial connector needs to be selected. If a standard connector is used instead of an IP68 or IP69 rated or sealed design, water can cause the connector to malfunction. Choosing a connector that is too small will also reduce efficiency and shorten the life of the connector.

3. The extreme temperature of the connector

If the rated temperature of the connectors is not very high or low, they will also eventually fail. Since the connector is not suitable for high temperatures, the insulation fails and the conductivity also peaks. If operated at constant high temperatures, these spikes will raise temperatures, which can cause corrosion and ultimately reduce contact forces. This affects the electrical signals that travel through the connectors and cable assemblies.

Although cold temperatures do not significantly affect connectors as high temperatures, if you know that your application requires them, you should consider low temperature design. Exposure to sustained low temperatures can cause the tinned connector material to soften, increasing contact resistance. In addition, low temperatures can affect other parts of the connector, such as making the plastic case brittle.

4. Connector design and installation is improper

If the application of the connector encounters shocks, vibrations and other destructive factors, it is important that the safety design that produces a strong lock is important. Connector contacts, mating shells and even cables can be damaged if not securely installed. In addition, connectors and cable assemblies must have proper strain relief and mounting wiring, and use guide slots, cable brackets and cable glands to help ensure rated connector assembly life.

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