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​Connector's technology promoted the development of the auto

The application of electronic system innovation increases the safety, efficiency, reliability and driving experience of the car. From improved connectivity options to durable new materials and integrated designs, connectors have been a key factor in the development of electronic systems. According to the analysis, connector's technologies promote the development of the auto.

Connector's technology promoted the development of the auto

Connector crimping and development of compatible pin technology

Crimp and compatible pin technology continue to dominate the growth of new connectors in complex automotive systems that require solderless connectors to be connected to the PCB. This technology has evolved from the backplane and telecom equipment originally deployed in the 1970s to the current popular automotive-grade contact technology, which is known for providing ultra-reliable, cold-welded, board-level connections. Thermal mismatch between different materials and components in harsh environments. The design of the press fit zone is sufficiently flexible to deform during insertion so as not to damage the plated through holes as this may compromise the long term reliability of the connection. Once mated, the press-fit contacts will provide a continuous high reverse beam force within the bore.

The development of connector electronic modules

Electronic modules used in automobiles used to be complex, expensive and heavy duty sealed cast metal housings with connectors for input/output configurations and other components, and sealed with external components using covers and washers. Thanks to today's advanced molding and manufacturing processes, these types of modules have been replaced by integrated insert molded plastic housings and covers that are lighter and less expensive than previous iterations. The plug-in die plug provides an external electrical connection to the outside and is press-fitted directly into the internal PCB, while the two-shot molding technology integrates the silicone gasket material directly into the cover, eliminating the need for manual assembly of separate gaskets and cover accessories.

The development of mechatronic connector assemblies

The mechatronic connector assembly also powers more advanced automotive solutions. Integrating multiple contact geometries, bus bars, leadframes, coils, capacitors, fastening hardware and other components creates a unified multi-function connector solution in a single package. These increasingly popular components eliminate multiple procurement channels and costly installation, processing and assembly challenges on the assembly line by providing a simplified integrated solution.

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