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​Two performances that the connector's needs

When selecting a connector, first look at the mechanical properties, when the two connection points are to be connected by a connector, it is considered whether the insertion force and the extraction force of the connector are in compliance with the product standard. There is also a need to pay attention to its environmental performance, which can be selected according to the working environment of the mechanical equipment using the connector. The connector used in mechanical equipment must be subjected to a working temperature range that is greater than the operating temperature range of the mechanical equipment,whice must be able to work under the maximum humidity of the mechanical equipment, and also have the ability to resist impact, push and vibration.

Two performances that the connector's needs

A good connector must work properly at its standard high and low temperatures, and its parts must not be damaged by high or low temperatures. It is well known that humidity affects the insulation performance of the connector. Therefore, when selecting the connector, it must be considered whether the humidity of the environment will affect the connector. It is necessary to select the connector product with the corresponding protection level.

Another important indicator of the connector is its performance in shock and impact resistance. This one is very obvious in aerospace, railway and road transportation. The connector must be strong and have a very good earthquake resistance. It can maintain normal work when it comes to some harsh environments, and it will not cause damage due to huge impact.

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