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the manufacturing technology of the automotive connector

At this stage, the automotive industry is also developing very rapidly. More and more people are inseparable from the vehicles. Therefore, the automotive connectors also need to be innovated and developed in terms of technology, in order to further protect their products,improved their power and performance , the following is  briefly explain the manufacturing technology of the automotive connector?

the manufacturing technology of the automotive connector

First, precision production technology: This technology is mainly for small distance, thin thickness and other technologies, can guarantee to reach the advanced level of the world in the field of ultra-precision production.

Second, the light source signal and electromechanical layout combined development technology: This technology can be applied to audio automotive connectors that are placed into electronic components. By adding electronic components to the car connector, the car connector has two functions that break the traditional planning of the automotive connector.

Third, low temperature and low pressure forming technology: the use of sealing and physical chemical hot melt data to reach the insulation temperature resistance, etc., after packaging, the wire to ensure that the solder joints are not pulled by external forces, which ensure the quality and reliability of automotive connectors.

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