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main factors which affect the life of electrical connectors

In many cases, we wonder why the electrical connectors will have different life spans. In fact, there are many factors that cause the life of the electrical connector to be different. The usage scenario is different, and its life span will be different. Then yeahui introduces the main factors which affect the life of electrical connectors:

main factors which affect the life of electrical connectors

First, the size of the voltage used by the electrical connector: the thermal reaction accelerates the chemical reaction in the film region, and has a certain repairing effect on the film layer. Therefore, the use voltage has a great influences to the application of electrical connector  . When the voltage is used up to a certain threshold, the contact film is broken down, so that the contact resistance is rapidly reduced.

Second, the size of the current of the electrical connector: when the current exceeds a certain value when used, the Joule heat generated by energization at the tiny points on the surface of the contact will soften or melt the metal., which will affect the concentrated resistance, thereby The contact resistance becomes small.

Third, the contact material of the electrical connector: Because the different contact resistance evaluation indicators are formulated, the technical conditions of the electrical connector also produce the mating contacts of different specifications and different materials.

Fourth, the state of the surface of the electrical connector: due to the deposition of oil and dust, the surface of the contact member to form a relatively loose surface film, the particulate matter is easily embedded in the uneven portion of the contact surface,thereby increasing the resistance of the contact member. The contact area of the contact member becomes small, which affects the normal use of the electrical connector.

Fifth, the positive pressure of the electrical connector: The positive pressure in the electrical connector refers to the force generated by the surfaces of the contacts that are in contact with each other and perpendicular to the contact surface. As the positive pressure increases, the area and number of contact micro-dots will gradually increase, and the contact micro-point will change from elastic deformation to plastic deformation.

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