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​The quality requirements of automotive connector

As our standard of living improves, the quality requirements for cars will become higher and higher, in terms of appearance and performance. there are proximately 1,500 connection points on a typical light vehicle,and because the number of connection points is very large, the quality requirements of the connector are also getting higher and higher. So the connector supply manufacturers need to continuously innovate and develop, to meet the quality requirements of the customers who want the connectors, so that they are in the industry of the connector highlights its own advantages.

The quality requirements of automotive connector

For the manufacturers of connector, it is not easy to do, because most people will be troubled when electronic components fail. If there is a problem when the car connector are connected, it may be It can be a serious safety issue, such as fires, brakes and airbag failures that lead to serious consequences of a car accident, so it is important to consider safety issues.

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Therefore, manufacturers of connector manufacturing must consider the analysis of the performance of the connector due to force majeure or environmental factors,  in order to detect the quality of the connector, it is necessary to evaluate the stability of the connector.Now the manufacturer of connector has been implemented more elaborate test procedure , because only when the quality of all aspects meets the standard requirements, we can be assured of production, which can reduce the safety problems caused by quality.

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