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what do you need on crimping connectors

Crimp connectors are exquisite. If they are not crimped according to the instructions, they will become unable to connect or poor connect. So what do you need on crimping connectors?Let yeahui share some experience with you.

what do you need on crimping connectors

1. After the crimping is completed, the appearance of the connector should be tested. After confirming the correctness, the next step can be performed. The items to be inspected vary according to the type of the crimp connector.

2. The height of the connector to be closed during crimping should be correct and placed in the correct position. The crimping joint must not have a thread end, and the air pressure should be within the specified range.

3. For automatic crimping, all parts should be smooth, the interface should be able to be docked, and the wires should be kept at the proper tension.

4. the size of the connector and wire should meet the relevant requirements, there are clear provisions in the instruction manual.

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5.the depth of the crimping should also pay attention to, many people think that as long as a little contact can be.  In fact, the different combinations of crimping depth is not the same. When the connector is crimped, it is necessary to pay close attention to it. Sometimes it is not noticed, which leads to the failure of the latter product, and the loss is not small.

The application of crimp connectors is very common, and its quality is directly related to the quality of the product, but also related to the performance of the product. Therefore, when we do this part, our yeahui is strictly implemented, and we can satisfy users in this respect. We have been a connector industry for more than a decade, and some technical problems even will not happen. If you need a connector, please feel free to contact us.