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The reliability of electrical connector

The reliability of electrical connector is very important to us. In our daily life, we need to use various connectors. If the reliability is not enough, it will cause different effects, such as leakage, damage and so on. Here, Yeahui want to share the idea with you.

The Reliability of Electrical Connectors

Design reliability

The reliability of electrical connectors,Material selection is an important condition to ensure the electrical performance and reliability of the electrical connector. The material used in the electrical connector determines the upper limit of the operating temperature, and the decisive factor is the sealing material, the adhesive material used in the environmental sealing electrical connector, Materials used for the housing and contacts.

The material selection involves the mechanical, electrical, environmental and other performance requirements of the connector and the physical and chemical properties of the material itself. Among them, the thermal properties of materials are the main factors that must be considered in design.

The electrical connectors are made of different materials, and the electrical properties such as the withstand voltage are also significantly different. When the electrical connector housing and contacts are selected, in addition the consideration of electrical, thermal and structural stiffness, the electrochemical compatibility and hardness matching of the mating and contact materials should also be considered.

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Process reliability

The process of the shell, the injection of molding and bonding process of the body, the forming and gold plating of the contacts, the assembly process of the electrical connector and the termination process with the cable are critical to the inherent reliability of the product.

The gold-plated contacts are hand-plated, which often leads to partial film on the inner wall of the individual jacks, which is oxidized. The ultrasonic gold-plated production line is introduced, and the thickness of the gold-plated layer is strictly monitored by the instrument to form a uniform film on the inner wall, which improves the contact reliability.

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