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The development trend of customized cable assembly

This article we’ll talk about the development trend of customized cable assembly.

The development trend of customized cable assembly

In general, the cable assembly supply system is relatively stable. China's automotive wiring harness market has reached a scale of 100 billion. Traditional automotive wiring harnesses have developed for many years. The supply system of suppliers and OEMs is relatively stable, and most of them have mature supporting cable assembly factories. In mass production, the geographical distinction is more obvious.

The automobile cable assembly is the network main body of the automobile circuit. With the development of automobile intelligence, the demand for electrical equipment of the whole vehicle continues to increase. At the same time as the development of the electrical structure of the whole vehicle, it facilitates higher technology for wiring harness.

To meet the market development, Yeahui is continuous refine its quality system, improve R&D capability, offer better services to our wire harness customers, so as to make itself comfortable and customers at ease!