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Wire harness and cable assembly

Both wire harnesses and cable assemblies provide power in many electrical devices. They have common attributes and uses, the reason why these two terms are often interchangeably used. However, as aforementioned, they have differences. And it is crucial to indicate first the difference between “wire” and “cable” since both of these terms are interchangeably used as well.

Wire harness and cable assembly

Basically, a wire is a strand of material that conducts electricity, such as copper or aluminum. Unlike a cable that is a composition of two or more wires that run together. These wires are often braided or bonded together; that is why cables look like a bunch of intertwined wires.

Now, we can further define a wire harness as merely a grouping of individual sheathed wires or distinct cables wrapped separately in a dedicated sheath. Whereas a cable assembly features a group of wires or cables protected by an insulating cover. This cover can be from various materials like shrink-wrapped thermoplastic, vinyl, or thermoplastic rubber. The individually covered wires or cable functions separately, and at their ends, each feeds through one coupler or connector.

The basic difference between a wire harness and a cable assembly is their physical attributes and role. A wire harness provides a cover that encases single cables, usually from the same material used in a cable assembly. One can see and pull out an individual cable from a wire harness. Whereas a cable assembly has multiple wires but bundled together by a single outer sleeve. For that, it appears as one unit, as a single thick wire.

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