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A Customized M12 Connector Cable Manufacturer from China

The M8/M12 connector system has become the preferred solution used in harsh industrial environments. The reason why it can become the first choice is because of the reliable and robust Fieldbus, sensor, and Ethernet connectivity solutions.

The modular M8/M12 circular connector system based on the IEC 61076-2-101 / 2-104 / 2-109 standard can quickly and reliably realize industrial automation plug solutions. The connector is suitable for almost all Ethernet and Fieldbus standards and can provide different codes. For example, A-coded circular connectors are used as sensor connectors or device connectors to transmit digital and analog signals, or for power supply. The B-coded connector is suitable for the Fieldbus interface. D and X coded circular connectors are designed for Ethernet interfaces.

A Customized M12 Connector Cable Manufacturer from China

YeaHui continues to develop the M series circular connectors, relying on its own factory and high-tech engineers to provide customers with requirements. Customers can choose different connection technologies (SMT, THR), the number of pins (3-17), coding (A, B, D, and X), assembly height (9mm and 13mm), whether with shielding, male and female connectors, and complete Of the cable assembly. Gold-plated terminals, certified dustproof, waterproof, and anti-deformation protection can support the connector to be used in harsh environments.

YeaHui is an experienced professional manufacturer of PVC molded custom cable assembly and wire harnesses. Among the custom cable assembly manufacturers, we can provide various customized cable assemblies and wire harnesses according to your design and drawings. We can use wires of specified sizes to create cable assemblies with a specific number of conductors to meet your needs.

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