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The Difference Between Bare Copper and Tinned Copper

When designing wires and cables, Service life is one of the most important aspects of choosing the right wire for a project.

What is bare copper wire:

Bare copper wire refers to a copper wire drawn from a pure copper rod. Bare copper wire has no insulation layer. Bare copper wire has the characteristics of "single material, soft material, and excellent electrical conductivity". Bare copper wires are used for simple electrical connections or visible grounding wires indoors and are more commonly used in laboratories.

What is tinned copper:

Tinned copper is copper coated with a base alloy (preferably tin) such as solder. It sounds simple, but there is more. Copper itself has many excellent ground characteristics, so it is very popular, but it does have shortcomings. Therefore, tin-plated copper was developed, which enhanced the natural properties of copper and made it more resistant to humidity, high temperature, and humid environments.

The Difference Between Bare Copper and Tinned Copper

Three differences between bare copper and tinned copper:

1. Different appearance

Bare copper wire is a copper wire drawn from a pure copper rod, which looked yellow in the past; tinned copper wire looks silver because tin is silver metal.

2. Different performance

In terms of physical properties, bare copper wire is soft and has excellent electrical conductivity; compared with bare copper wire, tinned copper has good electrical conductivity, and its corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance are stronger, which can greatly extend the service life of weak current cables.

3. Different processes

Bare copper wire is a copper wire drawn from a pure copper rod with a single material; the process of tinned copper wire is slightly more complicated than that of bare copper wire. After the pure copper rod is drawn into wire, the hot-tinning process is applied to the copper wire. The surface of the wire is plated with a thin layer of tin.

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