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OBD-II pin Definition

In order to better ensure the safety of vehicles and protect the environment. After 1996, automakers began to equip cars and trucks with OBD-II ports. Each system is basically the same, but there will be subtle changes. These are called agreements and are specific to the vehicle manufacturer.

OBD-II pin Definition

The diagnostic trouble code is stored in the computer system. There are many manufacturers in the world, and the codes may be different. However, anyone with an OBD-II scanning tool can connect to the port and read the diagnostic trouble code from the computer. The reason why the OBD-II scanning tool reads the code is due to the standardized pin arrangement. The standardized pin assignments are as follows.

OBD-II pin Definition

Pin 1: Used by the manufacturer

Pin 2: by SAE J1850 PWM and VPW

Pin 3: For manufacturer use only

Pin 4: Ground

Pin 5: Ground

Pin 6: CAN used by ISO 15765-4 CAN

Pin 7: K-ISO 9141-2 and ISO 14230-4 lines

Pin 10: Only by SAE J1850 PWM

Pin 14: by ISO 15765-4 CAN

Pin 15: ISO 9141-2 and ISO 14230-4

Pin 16: Car battery power supply

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