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What is deutsch Y-splitter cable

The deutsch Y-splitter cable allows you to connect 2  devices on your vehicle at the same time. It features dual deutsch connectors to a single other connector.

· 1X custom connetor and 2X deutsch connector

· It is Great for installing  devices of heavy duty vehicle

· Flexible, heavy duty twisted shielded cable

· Manufactured with high quality, automotive grade materials

. Customized length

What is deutsch Y-splitter cable

Future Developments

Yeahui continues to look for ways to make the harness selection and installation process easier for our customers. Since most of our customers prefer to use our T-harnesses, our automotive team continuously works to match the connector type to that of the OEM connector. The development of the Universal T-Harness Kits is an example of how we try to build in innovation in every part of our Yeahui solution.

Yahui is a PVC molding and assembly wiring harness factory, providing obd2 adapters, obd2 connector, deutsch connector for Car onboard system for more than 13 years. If you are interested in this aspect or have any questions, please consult us.

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