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Obd2 connector with led light

Common obd2 connectors have only one line connected to the plugs on both sides to provide power or data transmission for the vehicle OBD.

Obd2 connector with led light

For the convenience of users, Yahui have designed obd2 connector with led lights. The first is a connector similar to AC3, it has not passed the molding, but installed the PCB on the connector, and the led light is installed on the PCB. The other one is that you can use the switch to control the led light, and the connector is already formed. These two products are more practical connectors, but it also depends on the usage scenario.

Yahui is a cable forming and wiring harness assembly factory with more than 13 years of production experience and buyers all over the world. Our main products are obd2 connector, circular connector, marine connector and other connectors. If you are interested in our products, please consult us.

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