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Why We Use Nylon Corrugated Tube to Protect Wire Harness?

Nylon corrugated tube are made of PA nylon material (nylon), English name abbreviation PA, which is a general term for thermoplastic resins containing repeating amide groups — [NHCO]

 — on themolecular main chain.

Why We Use Nylon Corrugated Tube to Protect Wire Harness?

It’s main features are, good aging resistance, good mechanical vibration reduction ability, good sliding properties, excellent wear resistance, good machining performance, when used for precise and effective control, no creeping phenomenon, good wear resistance, good dimensional stability, physical and chemical electrical Excellent performance.

As a specialized custom cable assembly factory, we are capable to meet or exceed customers’ cable assembly expectations for their demanding application. Those customers are mainly from machinery manufacturing, electrical insulation protection, lighting equipment, automobile manufacturing, aviation equipment, subway, train automation control, and other industries.

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