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A Briefing Introduction of M12 Connector

The M12 connector is recommended for almost all CAN-BUS specifications. From the classification point of view, the M12 connector is an industrial connector. The main application field is also in the industrial field. At this stage, there is a very high market demand for it. It is commonly used in power equipment and automatic production equipment. Industrial equipment such as sensors and mechanical equipment are relatively sophisticated equipment, and the application environment is also relatively harsh, so there will be more stringent requirements for the performance of M12 connectors. Generally speaking, the protection level of M12 connectors are above the IP67 level.

A Briefing Introduction of M12 Connector

The appearance of the M12 connector has two kind, round and rectangular. Appearance and product types are also divided into two types, with and without cable. M12 circular waterproof connector can be divided into welding wire type and lock terminal type according to the wire method; it can be divided into assembled type, molded type, and panel type according to the assembly method. According to the anti-insertion error coding method, it can be divided into A, B, C, D, P, X, T, X coding. According to the shape, it can be divided into M12 180° straight connection cable, M12 90° right-angled connection cable, M12 T connection cable, M12 Y connection cable. There are also shielded and unshielded. There are pins according to the number of cores. The outer jacket material of the connection cable is PUR, TPE, PVC, etc.

The M12 connectors independently developed by Shenzhen Yeahui Electronics Co., Ltd. are all RoHS, CE, UL, IP certified. Excellent quality, affordable price, and short delivery time. The cable length and the number of connector cores will be developed and produced according to the specifications and lengths required by customers.

Yeahui is a connector supplier with 11 years of experience in developing high-quality connectors and wiring harnesses. We have many types of products, including obd connector, circular connector, agricultural connector and so on. We can meet the requirements of various customers. Feel free to learn more about connectors or buy our connectors, looking forward to your message.

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