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Use of Automotive Wiring Harness Protection Sleeve

During the operation of the car, the car's wiring harness can play a relatively large role, but the car will produce vibration and contact with other parts during the operation. Some sharp parts will cause them some wear and affect The normal operation of the car, this time you need to use a wire harness detector to detect the car wiring harness, which is very helpful for the maintenance of the car wiring harness.

Use of automotive wiring harness protection sleeve

Because the automobile wiring harness is damaged by parts during use, the automobile wiring harness will be wrapped with some sleeves or wrapping materials during the production process. They can effectively increase the service life of the automobile wiring harness. The reason why the automobile wiring harness is so resistant to mechanical wear during use is that the design of the outer material of the wiring harness is composed of a special high-density organizational structure. In addition, the wiring harness can also show its flexibility during installation. In the engine compartment, it can be assembled according to a predetermined path.

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