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Common Types of M12 Coding

The M12 circular waterproof connector can be divided into welding wire type and lock terminal type according to the wiring method; it can be divided into assembled type, molded type and panel type according to the assembly method.

Common Types of M12 Coding

According to the error-proof coding method, it can be divided into A code, B code, C code, D code, X code; according to the shape, it can be divided into M12-180 ° straight connecting wire, M12-90 ° elbow connecting wire, M12-T type Connection cable, M12-Y connection cable. There are also two types of shielded and unshielded. According to the number of pins or cores, there is The outer skin material of the connection cable is PUR, TPE, PVC, etc.

A-coded connectors are the most common connector style. These are used for sensors, actuators, motors and most other standard equipment. The number of pins of the A-coded connector can vary, between two pins and 12 pins.

B-coded connectors are mainly used in network cables connected by field buses. Most notably, this includes systems running with Profibus. B-coded connectors usually have three to five pins.

C-coded connectors are not as common as other connectors. These connectors are mainly used for AC sensors and actuators. They also have a double keyway to enhance safety and ensure that another cable is not accidentally replaced with this connector. C-coded connectors have three to six pins.

D-coded connectors are commonly used in network cables for Ethernet and ProfiNet systems. D-coded connectors can transmit data up to 100 Mb. These connectors usually provide three to five pins.

X-coded connectors are the latest development of cables. Because of their ability to transfer large amounts of data at high speed, they are becoming increasingly popular. X-coded cables can transmit up to 1 Gb of data. These are ideal for high-speed data transmission in industrial applications. Although the number of connectors for other encoding cables is usually different, X-encoding cables will always have eight pins.

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