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Standard Shread Pitch of M12 Connector

Coarse teeth 1.75mm, fine teeth 1.5mm, 1.25mm, 1mm.

Pitch: measured along the direction of the helix, the distance between two adjacent threads. Generally refers to the axial distance between corresponding two points on the middle diameter line of two adjacent teeth on the thread in the thread pitch. A spiral zhidao-shaped continuous convex portion with a specific cross-section made on the surface of a cylindrical or conical matrix. The thread pattern is divided into cylindrical thread and conical thread according to its parent shape; it is divided into external thread and internal thread according to its position in the matrix, and is divided into triangular thread weight, rectangular thread and trapezoidal thread according to its cross-sectional shape (tooth shape) , Zigzag thread and other special shape threads.

Standard Shread Pitch of M12 Connector

In the inch system, the pitch is indicated by the number of teeth per inch (25.4mm).

The advent of spiral CT produced a new concept. Pitch (Pitch, P). For the early single-layer spiral, the manufacturers uniformly defined this, that is, the screw pitch = the tube rotation 360 degrees to get into the bed distance / collimation width. The concept of multi-slice spiral CT pitch is a little complicated. A multi-slice CT has a collimating width that contains multiple adjacent images.

Whether the manufacturer has to negotiate (or not to compromise) has led to a confusing definition of the denominator: collimation width in the multi-layer spiral pitch formula. For example: Multi-layer CT such as MACONI uses the entire collimation width as the scoring denominator (number of layers * width of a single collimator), while GE etc. uses the collimation width of each layer image as the denominator. Because the foundation definition is confusing, the calculation formula results are confusing.

Regardless of whether the former is 4, 8, or 16, when the bed-entry distance is equal to the entire collimation width, the calculated pitch is equal to 1, while the latter is constantly changing, and the calculated results are equal to 4, 8, and 16, respectively.

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