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Several practical suggestions for cable shielding

One. Make sure that the cable has sufficient shielding to meet the application requirements. In ordinary electromagnetic interference environment, the use of metal foil alone should be able to provide sufficient noise protection; in the harsh noise environment, it is necessary to consider the use of a combination of braided mesh and metal foil shielded cable;

Several practical suggestions for cable shielding

Two. Based on the specific application environment, use a suitable shielded cable. For example: cables that need to be bent repeatedly during use usually use spirally wound shields rather than braided meshes; at the same time, flexible cables also tend to avoid using only metal foil shields because continuous bending of the cables may tear Cracked foil layer

Three. Make sure that the equipment connected to the cable is effectively grounded. Use the earth as much as possible, and check the connection between the ground point and the device; the elimination of electromagnetic noise depends on the low impedance of its ground path;

Four. Many devices and connectors are designed to allow 360 ° shielding connection in all directions, and must ensure that they are reliably connected to the cable shield. For example: many common connectors will be equipped with metal-coated plastic, cast zinc or aluminum housings; try to choose connectors that match the shielding performance of the cable to avoid affecting the shielding effect or excessive specifications due to low standards And the cost increased.

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