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COVID-19 Impact on Platform Logistics

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Dear Customer:

         Hello! Due to the global impact of the epidemic, the limited lines of some countries and regions have been delayed or temporarily closed. In order to ensure the accuracy of your cargo information, the platform will pay close attention to the impact of the epidemic on logistics, adjust it quickly according to the specific situation and notify the business partners as soon as possible, everyone will work together to overcome the difficulties.

COVID-19 Impact on Platform Logistics

         One. Adjustment of logistics timeliness and shipping scope:

1) Shipping and land transportation services: the transit time and the scope of transportation are less affected, so it is recommended.

2) Courier service: There are various degrees of delay in transit time, and the scope of transportation is also greatly affected (FedEx IE, global pure electric line, E-mail treasure and other temporary suspension services)

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        Two. Logistics (Express) price adjustment:

The international epidemic has intensified and logistics costs have increased. According to the latest notice from the carrier, the peak season surcharge for the global general cargo line will be adjusted from 5.4 yuan / KG to 7.2 yuan / KG on April 10, 2020 (Beijing time); April 17, 2020 (Beijing time) FedEx IP will add a peak season surcharge, which will be charged at 7 yuan / KG. Expenses are subject to the time and amount of the successful push into the warehouse. Thank you for your understanding and support, I suggest that you arrange a reasonable time and complete the delivery as soon as possible.

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