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Transportation in an outbreak

The overall impact of the epidemic period is divided into these four aspects:

  1. Personnel resume work. Reinstatement of personnel may not be so strict in other regions. It is quite strict in Shenzhen and even in Guangdong. All citizens in Shenzhen must learn relevant knowledge about production safety and must apply for registration before entering. Office buildings must be released with relevant certifications. The government was also under a lot of pressure when the epidemic was serious. Some enterprises have no way to resume work because of the sudden outbreak and the insufficient preparation of masks and other materials.

Transportation in an outbreak

  2. Road transportation. From a road transportation perspective, many trucks have to be connected near Hubei, otherwise, drivers may have 14 days of isolation. China is not short of cars, but what is missing is to give drivers sufficient safety? How to ensure that the vehicles returned from the epidemic area can be put into other transportation processes in time? So now the major wharves are calling on whether the government can have an intermediate transfer place to complete the mainline transfer between cities.

  3. Cross-border exchanges. With the incident being included in the WHO's international public health emergency, the suspension of cross-border flights, immigration control measures, etc., the person-to-person and face-to-face business exchanges have completely stopped.

  4. Overseas customs clearance. Cargo inspection and quarantine are stricter and the time for customs clearance has increased. But with the government's active coordination, it may get better. Now some countries have liberalized the export of medical materials to China, such as medical masks and protective clothing. However, some masks for civilian use and some disinfectants for civilian use may not be fully released in some countries.

  From a short-term perspective, according to third-party data, in fact, the total number of inquiries from overseas buyers has not decreased much compared to before the outbreak, but the volume of transactions has indeed declined significantly. The reason for this is, in large part, that the logistics problems including truck transportation have not been solved. On the other hand, it is a delay in the resumption of the factory. But we all have a bottom in our minds. From a short-term perspective, these needs exist. As long as the epidemic situation is effectively controlled, as long as our factories resume work one after another, and truck transportation can be resumed, it can be resolved as soon as possible.

  From a long-term perspective, the foundation of China's "global manufacturing plant" is still there. From 2015 to 2019, we say that this year is the worst year, but it is the best year in the history of the future. However, the data still tells us that China's total foreign trade exports have not dropped significantly, but the increase is not as large as it used to be. We can still say with great confidence that made in china has its own soil. We are also very pleased to see that a large number of Chinese companies and Chinese businessmen have traveled throughout the world to find the most suitable export base for their goods and services, whether it is India, Vietnam, Mexico, Russia, etc. This time, overseas Chinese in so many countries can quickly organize and purchase a lot of relief materials. In fact, it shows that the Chinese have not only guarded our hometown but have already spread to many countries.

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