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Coronavirus Information Today

Coronaviruses are raging around the world today. From more than 80,000 confirmed diagnoses in China in the past, three countries have surpassed China, including the United States, Italy, and Spain. The United States now has the largest number of confirmed diagnoses, more than 160,000 people, and 3,165 deaths, so it seems that the United States has developed into the most serious country. However, Italian peace is not so ideal, because the death toll has reached 11,591, and Spain is also very serious. The death toll is already 7716, and the death toll is far more than that of China, which was the first to be harmed by a coronavirus.

Coronavirus Information Today

In such a serious situation, we should all be responsible for our own safety and do a good job of preventing the coronavirus, not only to ourselves but also to our families, because once infected with this virus, family members are generally not immune. If you want your lover and your child to be healthy, you have to do it. At present, the governments of some countries still have not started to take precautionary measures against coronaviruses. The United States is a good example now because the government has not started to take precautions and has now become the country with the worst disease.

For our safety, let us act together! In this global viral battle, a good life can only come if everyone is actively doing their job. Yeahui reminds everyone to remember "wash your hands frequently, ventilate more, go out less, and wear a mask when going out." In order to return to the original happy life, let's cheer together!

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