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What about the new coronavirus COVID-19

The advice many people will hear now is to be more ventilated, wash your hands frequently, avoid partying, and wear a mask. why? Because now the world is suffering from the new coronavirus COVID-19. What is a coronavirus? Coronavirus can cause respiratory infections in humans. The previous case was SARS, now called COVID-19. Its main transmission method is coughing and sneezing between people, close contact with infected people or contact with infected surfaces. Then spread through mouth, nose or eyes. Coronavirus can produce a range of symptoms, including fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, and runny nose. When you encounter these symptoms, don't be nervous. You will not know the results until you go to the hospital for an examination. It may be just a common disease.

What about the new coronavirus COVID-19

New coronavirus outbreaks occurred in Wuhan, China, and in the face of this situation, the Chinese people are always positive. Because the new coronavirus is transmitted through the mouth, nose, or eyes, in China we require that people not be isolated at home, ventilated, wash their hands frequently, and go out without a problem. Wear a mask to prevent new coronavirus. Now in China, we have stabilized the new coronavirus. From the cumulative diagnosis of 81623 to the present, there are only 5504 confirmed diagnoses. Under such a trend, I believe China will soon win the war against viruses.

But people in many countries are also infected with the new coronavirus, and the trend is very rapid. Excluding China, there are now more than 200,000 diagnosed patients, so many countries have also developed appropriate responses to prevent new coronaviruses after gaining experience in Chinese cases. This is a struggle between humans and viruses. No one can avoid it. We should all face it. Sooner or later, we humans will be victorious. For example, SARS came so fast, but in the end, we humans won.

In the face of the virus, we should not panic. We should maintain a good attitude. From the current data, the chances of cure are very high, and as long as the precautionary measures are done well, the virus will not approach us. We must believe that we can defeat this war perfectly . Let's cheer together.

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