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What does a world with self-driving cars look like

Companies continue to invest despite the setbacks because self-driving cars, when they happen, will change a lot for the world — and make their creators lots of money.

Many consumers will want to upgrade. Imagine being able to read or doze off during your morning drive to work or on long car trips. It also seems likely that taxi and ride-hailing companies will offer self-driving cars, rather than paying drivers (in fact, companies like Uber are betting on it). Self-driving cars should also make a huge difference for Americans with disabilities, many of whom can’t get a driver’s license and have trouble getting to work, the store, and doctor’s appointments.

What does a world with self-driving cars look like

Experts disagree on whether self-driving cars will change anything fundamental about car ownership in America. Some argue that people won’t need to own a car if they can order one on their phone and get a timely robot ride anywhere.

Others have pointed out that people generally still own a car even in areas with good ride-share coverage and that self-driving cars might not be any different. Polls suggest that most Americans don’t want to be driven to work by a self-driving car — but that might change fast once such cars actually exist. Gallup polling on this question found a small share (9 percent) of Americans who’d get such a car right away, with a larger contingent (38 percent) saying they’d wait a while, and half holding steadfast that they’d never use one.

Over time, our infrastructure will likely change to make it easier for self-driving cars to navigate, and in fact, some researchers have argued that we won’t have widespread self-driving cars until we’ve made major changes to our streets to make it easier to communicate information to those cars. That would be expensive and require nationwide coordination, so it seems likely that it would follow the widespread introduction of self-driving cars rather than precede it.

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