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What will be affected by the combination of 5G and IoT

5G and Internet of Things (IoT) make great partners, but their marriage is still in its honeymoon phase. Current smartphone users probably know 5G as the little symbol at the top of their screens, which indicates that their device has a high-quality, low-latency network connection.

What will be affected by the combination of 5G and IoT

However, the pairing of 5G and IoT is much more than a clear phone call to your boss via a car's Bluetooth. While that use case might be the most common under the current 5G standard, Release 15, the next standard will unlock advanced connectivity capabilities.

"Over the next several years, there are going to be tens of billions, if not hundreds of billions of IoT endpoints deployed for a number of different use cases," said Bill Menezes, senior principal analyst of sourcing, procurement and vendor management at Gartner.

"Say you're in an urban area surrounded by smart buildings. All of [these buildings will] have installed tens of thousands of sensors for everything from smart lighting and temperature controls, to air quality monitoring and space utilization monitoring."

"Then, right outside that building, you'll have smart street lights, security surveillance, traffic controls, traffic monitoring, pedestrian safety monitoring, etcetera," Menezes said. "Then you add on all of the endpoints that an individual user might have, whether it's a smartwatch or smart glasses."

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