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Common connection methods of industrial connectors

Conventional connected devices show customers many years of service promises in the natural environment of a typical corporate office. As everyone knows, exposing the same copper cable or fiber optic connector to extreme standards has reduced its characteristics and credibility. End users must pay expensive maintenance fees for fault detection and replacement of spare parts. A new type of RF connector, which is professionally designed to build a strong Ethernet interface connection in extreme natural environments. It is more robust, robust and resistant than previous RF connectors. This new socket is widely regarded as an "industrial connector" and its use is not limited to the processing industry. This type of RF connector is designed to withstand the rigors of the more extreme natural environment of industrial production.

Common connection methods of industrial connectors

Bolt connection

It is a traditional interface method, which is relatively rare nowadays. It will be effective in some large-scale component components or working environments with strong vibration. The advantages of this type of connection depend on the reliability of the application. The fixed cable is fixed according to the sliding friction of the nut transmission gear. If the safety tube to prevent loosening is added, the actual effect will be stronger. The disadvantage is that the speed of disassembly is relatively slow, and it takes a long time to retreat the external thread with a little electricity.

2. Solder connection

Solder connection refers to the production of a continuous metal material between the solder wire and the surface layer to be welded. Therefore, the prerequisite for industrial connectors is solderability. The common coatings on the welding end of RF connectors are metal materials such as tin aluminum alloy, silver and gold. The spring leaf type touches the common electric welding ends with built-in welding, the punch-hole type and the vacancy welding built-in types: the pin-eye type touches the perforated arc-shaped openings.

3. Interface connection

It is a more fashiona ble connection that can be connected and separated from each other. It is commonly used to connect two simple electrical components. The RF connectors that use a buckle connection are marked with a proper lock at the lock. The customer can place a small circle on the side of the nut of the RF connector. Kongguan check if the lock is finished.

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