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Funding and Management of the Harness Industry

The automotive wiring harness industry is a capital-intensive industry. To meet customer needs, companies need reliable capacity guarantees, timely logistics and transportation, and strict product quality. At the same time, only by realizing large-scale production can companies effectively reduce operating costs and increase profit margins. Therefore, automotive wiring harness companies need to purchase and build sufficient factories and advanced high-end equipment to meet product capacity, quality and other requirements, and also need to maintain the necessary raw materials and product inventory in the daily business process. The capital requirements are high. Competitors form a higher funding threshold.

Funding and Management of the Harness Industry

The production of auto parts has the characteristics of multiple varieties, small batches, multiple batches, large-scale, etc. Under the above characteristics, automotive wiring harness companies need to strengthen comprehensive management and improve operating efficiency in terms of raw material procurement, production processing, market development, etc. Inventory and operating risk. At the same time, global procurement capabilities, supply chain management, and practical experience are important foundations for automotive wiring harness companies to participate in global market competition.

Only with intelligent management capabilities integrating R & D, procurement, production, and sales can automobile wiring harness companies meet the strict product quality requirements of vehicle manufacturers and ensure the continuous supply of capacity. The outstanding level of intelligent management is based on an efficient management team and management thinking. It is often difficult for new enterprises to establish a management mechanism that meets industry requirements in a short period of time, thereby forming higher management barriers.

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