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How OEMs evaluate suppliers

OEMs often establish strict certification and evaluation standards for automotive wiring harness suppliers. Generally speaking, automotive wiring harness companies want to enter the component supporting system of automotive manufacturers, not only must first pass the IATF16949 quality management system formulated by the International Automotive Working Group Standard certification must also meet the special standards and requirements of vehicle manufacturers in terms of product quality, simultaneous development, logistics and transportation, management level, cost control, and financial status. Before the product enters mass production, it is also necessary to perform strict advanced product quality planning (APQP) and production part approval process (PPAP), and after a long period of product installation test and assessment, the product can be mass-produced and supplied after the product is approved.

How OEMs evaluate suppliers

The above certification is costly and the process is complicated. It usually takes 1-3 years to complete. On the basis of industry-wide standards, OEMs usually implement personalized qualification certification and assessment of automotive wiring harness and other component suppliers. High-end customers and high-end models that belong to the same system (such as German, Japanese, American, etc.) are usually To set a higher threshold for entry, component suppliers need to accumulate sufficient performance and practical experience in the industry before participating in competition. At the same time, once the automotive wiring harness company becomes a qualified supplier of the vehicle manufacturer, it will form a relatively stable long-term cooperative relationship. Therefore, newly-enterprise companies face higher barriers to supplier qualification in market expansion.

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