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What is VW-1 for Cables?

Regarding the official report , 40% of home fires can be traced back to cooking appliances . One of the important initiatives, after finding internal wiring a leading cause of fire , is to require all wiring to have VW-1 for Cables.


The VW-1 Flame test , also known as the Vertical Wire Flame Test , evaluates a wire and cable ‘s ability to resist fire while vertically suspended . The combination of the wire , plus any insulation , jacket , shielding , or taping , and coloring , is tested and given the rating . To have a series of 15 second direct burn intervals , the sample wire must self-extinguish within a measured time to achieve VW-1 status . This rating is more difficult to achieve than standard Underwriters Laboratory (UL) horizontal ratings .

If you want to find the latest guidelines , you could check UL858, which address the construction of home appliances , all insulated wiring shall comply with VW-1 ratings by 2018 .

With thousands of current wiring harness designs in production and many new designs every year , compliance to this standard is no small task .

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