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Terminal plating is to ensure reliable use of the connector

As electronic products become more lightweight and more sophisticated, there is a higher mandate for electronic connectors, such as high reliability, smaller size, and higher transmission performance. The most common place in electronic connectors was the circuit, the board-to-board connectors used on the board, the wire-to-wire or wire-to-board connectors on the wire harness, and now many industries require connectors, such as electronic equipment, automobiles, aviation, etc.

Terminal plating is to ensure reliable use of the connector

The most important part of the electronic connector is naturally the terminal of the contact part. The materials of these terminals are mostly not the same, because the nature and function of the places used are different, so the materials will be different, some need metal, some need liquid, the material is determined according to the specific conditions. 

The choice of the electronic connector terminal plating is mainly considering the use environment, which is mainly divided into three cases: for general applications, tin plating is the most common because tin is relatively cheap. However, the texture of tin is relatively soft, the number of insertions and removals is generally low, and it can only play a simple protective anti-corrosion effect. For connectors with more of plugging and unplugging, gold plating is generally required. Tinned connectors have a lower operating temperature, brass or bronze tin plating can be operated at 110℃, and steel tin can reach 190℃. For higher operating temperatures, other coatings are required, such as copper nickel plating, which can be used at 340℃.

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