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The Basic parameters of the compact connector

The compact connectors include wire-to-board and wire-to-wire configurations and has been designed with fully-polarised scoop-proof housings to protect terminals from damage, and a low insertion force.

The Basic parameters of the compact connector

The 3.0mm-pitch devices have power contacts that can handle currents of up to 5A per contact and are available in dual-row configurations with two to 24 circuits and single-row configurations with two to 12 circuits.

The 4.2mm-pitch connectors has a current rating up to 9A per contact and are available in two to 24 circuits in dual-row and three to five circuits in single-row configurations.

The 5.7mm-pitch connectors use a special alloy material for high-current-rating wire-to-board applications, handling up to 23A per contact. This option is available in a dual-row configuration with two to 24 circuits.

Crimp, snap-in header and receptacle contacts can terminate wires from 30 to 20 AWG for the 3.0mm-pitch connectors, 38 to 16 AWG for the 4.2mm connectors and 16 to 12AWG for the 5.7mm units. The first two can be used in wire-to-wire and wire-to-board configurations while the 5.7mm devices are suitable for wire-to-board applications. Some devices also offer a patented right-angled receptacle for 1U or 2U racks.

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