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Which environment can determine the quality of the connector

When the connector is applied to different environments, the connector requires a different structure and shape. However, in any case, the connector must ensure the reliability and current continuity of the connected components, and the appropriate connector is applied to the appropriate electronic device. To achieve this goal, we have to delve into the environmental performance of the connector to determine the quality of a connector.

We know that the environment in which the connector is used has a large impact on performance. Here is a brief description of the impact of these factors on connector performance.

Which environment can determine the quality of the connector

Temperature: The temperature of the environment can change the physical state of the object. It is a strong factor that directly affects the performance of the connector. Due to geographical differences and seasons, the temperature of the environment will be much different. When the connector is connected to two components, the heat will cause heat to rise when the current passes, and the two are added to the operating temperature. The metal component of a good connector should be able to maintain its physical state at a certain temperature to ensure its high performance.

2. Vibration and shock: If the connector is subjected to vibration and impact, which mainly affects the firmness of the connector and the reliability of the electrical contact, the performance of connectors is tested in Vibration and shock environment according to the relevant parameters.

3, liquid impregnation: the effect of liquid impregnation is similar to water,  the surrounding water is large, the action time is short, and the ability to resist liquid impregnation is usually evaluated by checking the tightness.

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