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Four benefits of connector overmolding

The process of overmolding the connector and cable harness assembly involves injecting plastic resin around critical electrical connections under controlled conditions. The result of this process is a very powerful and durable product, and the benefits of this overmolding process are you How much do you know? Here are four benefits to overmolding the connector and cable harness assembly.

Four benefits of connector overmolding

Intrusion protection

Material bonding can be created around the cable harness and connector by controlling the materials used and the configuration of the overmolding process. These bonds provide the seals required to achieve watertight joints, which have generally been successfully tested to IP67, IP68 and IP69k standards.

Shock and vibration protection

The overmolding process fills the space around the internal components, leaving no gaps. Essentially, this prevents the overmolded components from moving or moving within the assembly, which is well suited to eliminate continuous levels of shock and vibration related damage.

 Increase resistance to wear and tear

Overmolded materials can be chosen to provide extreme resistance to physical abuse and vibration. The preferred material for harsh and harsh environments is polyurethane. Polyurethanes are available in a wide range of wire harnesses, have high load capacity, and are extremely resistant to impact and abrasion. They are ideal for harsh environments at various temperatures .

Compact assembly and integration

The use of overmolding techniques in the design of cables or electronic components typically results in smaller components than alternative assembly methods such as mechanical backshells or housings, and the smaller overall package size helps to reduce the size of the device. The overmolding process can also accommodate additional items in the assembly, such as diodes for reverse polarity protection or resistors for circuit analysis.

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