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​What will happen to the development trend of connectors

The new application market also has new requirements for connectors, that is, new connectors are smaller, more reliable, and have certain intelligence, which is a new demand in the market. For enterprises, connectors can only grasp new market opportunities if they meet such requirements. What will happen to the development trend of connectors

What will happen to the development trend of connectors

High-frequency high-speed connector technology

In many 5G communication applications, the connector carries the transformation of optical signals and electrical signals. With the advent of the 5G Internet of Things era, 5G's big data and fast transmission requirements are destined to require connector performance upgrades, while high-frequency high-speed Features have become new requirements.

Smaller and more convenient connector technology

Previous connectors used for many contacts, which were populated in many expansion card slots. In the 5G era, there might be dozens of connectors in a fiber optic device, which required smaller connectors for higher performance connections.

More accurate and lower cost connector technology

Since the car is very demanding on safety, the car connector is originally a very large market. With the development of electric cars, the connectors will be more demanding in terms of accuracy and cost, and they will be more popular than the previous connectors.

Read more about the connectors(cable connectors require good sealing ability);

Connector automated production technology

In the traditional connector design and production, the artificial is the main part, and with the development of industrial automation, especially the precision machining, grinding tools and CAD of the connector, these advanced machines will become the main force of the industry.

In automotive applications, in order to the need for connectors for automotive entertainment systems and electric systems, in addition to transferring data between engine management systems, equipment, etc., connectors are also required between in-vehicle entertainment systems, electronic devices. With the construction of the Industrial Internet, there is a need for connectors with higher reliability and performance between industrial equipment and networks, which have new requirements for connector performance.

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