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what should we do in the process of designing

As we all know, develop a new product, there are certainly many problems in the process of development, failure is essential. The birth of the new connector is the same, because the fixtures, design, mold and assembly methods in this process are in a new state of exploration, and various problems that may arise are inevitable. So what should we do in the process of designing?

what should we do in the process of designing

1, the size of the connector, this is what our engineers must pay attention to when drawing. Engineers need to consider flatness, GAP value, positionality, etc., all of this determine the size of the connector and whether it matches the device.

2, the connector in the conduction problem, then contact resistance, conductivity, short circuit, etc. are the issues that engineers need to consider, which also involves the voltage and current used by the device, the material is selected by the magnitude of the voltage and current.

3. The problem of the connector in terms of force is to solve the problems of card force, holding force, insertion force, etc. If a connector is not fixed on the device when the device is connected, the connector is failed because it is easy. Loose connectors can bring us a lot of security risks.

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