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Why does the connector fail

The inner conductor of the connector is smaller in size relative to the outer conductor, and the inner conductor having a lower strength is more likely to cause poor contact and cause the connector to fail.

Why does the connector fail

1.The inner conductor is not fixed firmly

For assembly purposes, in many RF coaxial connectors, the inner conductor is divided into two sections at the media support and then threaded. However, due to the small diameter of the inner conductor, if the glue is not fixed at the screw connection during assembly, the strength of the inner conductor connection is very poor, especially for some small RF coaxial connectors. 

Therefore, when the connector is connected and disconnected multiple times, under the long-term action of the torque and the pulling force, the inner conductor thread may loosen and fall off, resulting in the connection failure.

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2.The size of the inner conductor's jack or pin is incorrect.

If the inner conductor hole diameter of the jack is smaller than the specified size, when the pin of the inner conductor of the pin enters the jack, the jack is excessively expanded, and the shape variable exceeds the elastic deformation range, causing plastic deformation, resulting in damage of the inner conductor of the jack.

On the contrary, if the diameter of the pin is too small, when the pin and the socket are engaged, the gap between the pin and the wall of the jack is too large, the two inner conductors of the connector are not in close contact, the contact resistance becomes large, and the connector is Electrical performance indicators will also be poor.

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