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​The difference between Terminal and Connector

Connector is a general term and Terminal is one of the connectors. Generally, the connectors that we commonly use usually include a plastic case and a terminal. The plastic case is mostly plastic and serves as a protection; the terminal is a metal, which acts as a conduction. Below Yeahui introduce the difference between terminal and connector.


In order to facilitate the connection of wires, it is an accessory product for electrical connection. The metal conductor is encapsulated in an insulating plastic member, and both ends have holes through which the wires can be inserted.

For example, if there are two wires, sometimes they need to be connected, and sometimes they need to be disconnected, then they can be connected by terminal blocks and also can be disconnected at any time without having to solder or entangle them. It is more convenient.


Connector is a component that electronic engineering technicians often come into contact with. Also known as: plugs, sockets, generally refers to electrical connectors, which means devices that connect two active devices to transmit current or signals.

3.Practical application difference

Line connections are everywhere, so connectors are used in a wide range of applications. There are many types of connectors, such as rectangular connectors, circular connectors, stepped connectors, etc., and the terminal block generally belongs to a rectangular connector. The terminal block is generally used in the field of electronic and electrical, and then used for connecting the inside and outside of PCB circuit boards, printed boards and power distribution cabinets.

The use of terminal blocks is increasing and the variety is increasing. At present, except the most widely used PCB board terminal, there are also hardware terminals, nut terminals, spring terminals, etc. In the power industry, there have special terminal blocks, terminal boxes, which are terminal blocks, single-layer, double-layer , current, voltage, normal, breakable, etc.

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