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Obd connector selection process

Choosing an obd connector is not a simple thing. We need a process.The selection process for the obd connector as following.

Obd connector selection process

1. The structural engineer confirms the mechanical properties of the connector (temperature, humidity, corrosion resistance)

2. Hardware engineer's ability to calculate connector overcurrent

3. Confirm whether multiple obd connectors can pass the test to prevent the selection of different connectors and select the same model.

4. The hardware confirmation signal and the power supply go from different obd connectors, will there be any damage to the internal chip of a connector floating module?

5, determine the order of the male pin arrangement

6. Determine the order of the female heads after software conversion

7. After the conversion is completed, carefully check whether the connection between the board and the harness is correct.

Choosing an obd connector is not a simple matter. We all need a process.

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