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When do I need an obd connector

When do I need an obd connector?

OBD which means on-board automatic diagnosis system. OBD can detect the working condition of the engine electronic control system and other functional modules of the vehicle during the running of the vehicle. By using the OBD interface to connect the car and computer, we can view the car data and detect the car fault at time, which is convenient for auto repair, development of car related functions, and transformation of car equipment. However, the OBD interface can not connect the computer directly, so we need a connector to connect them, that is the OBD connector. Just install the appropriate driver on the computer then you can read the data of the car, such as car speed, Rotating speed, water temperature and so on.

When do I need an obd connector?

This simple operation can be done by yourself. If the obd connector is broken, we can also install it by ourselves. Of course, we can go to the repair shop to repair it, but some repair shops may not have OBD connector which suit your car.

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