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The Way to custom OBD2 connector

For the most part, OBD-II tools were only used by professionals to do things like figure out why you check engine light is on, or to make sure your car is meeting emission standards. However, OBD-II ports can be used to read a lot more helpful data. Recently, cheap Bluetooth adapters have made it possible for everyone to get access to that information.

The  Way to custom OBD2 connector

If you're not sure if your car works with OBDII you can look under your dash, the connector is generally located below your dash on the driver side. This is great if you want to try to build your own diagnostic reader.

As to custom obd2 connector, Yeahui is your best choice in China.

Yeahui have over 10 years of experience, mainly in making electrical connectors, over molded cable assembly and non-molded wire harness business.

With professinal 3D engineer supports, we promise we will provide cables per drawing,and produce strictly in accordance with the drawings.

RoHS/Reach compliant material, UL proved cable, Phthalate-free plasticizers. We promise only high quality raw materials are applied.

All cables will go trough 100% testing before shipping.

If you want to know about the obd2 connector,you can read What is an OBD Connector?