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seasoned r&d ability

We have a seasoned R&D team to support both O.E.M. and O.D.M. for new products.

Car Sharing Industry

Industry analysis

Car sharing is a model of car rental where people rent cars for short periods of time. The global car sharing service growth at the rising levels. It is the trend of shared mobility.


Yeahui’s wiring harness solution is perfectly suited for Car Sharing Equipment. The solutions could provide reliable connections for industrial machinery and factory automation markets.


Cooperation Time: 2018.8.8
Customer’s Name: Diwakar Somu
Customized Product: Custom Cable Assembly
Diwakar posted a request to find a great manufacturer to customized cable assembly. Our sales person Amanda sent a quotation to Diwakar. Through discussed , Diwakar bought 5 samples to test and told us they are trying to strengthen their supply chain. After the customer’s engineer inspected the cable , Diwakar said they like the construction methodilogy and especially like the metal crimp used to secure the jacket. Once the new drawing approved, they are happy to proceed with 100 cable order.

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