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We have a seasoned R&D team to support both O.E.M. and O.D.M. for new products.

Car Diagnostic Tool Industry

Industry analysis

Car diagnostic tool plays an increasingly important role in the global economy. According to different configurations of the car diagnostic tool, Yeahui could provide a professional solution to our customers. Yeahui has a group of professional R&D personnel,10 years of manufacturing experience, we can provide professional services, including telematics connectors obd2, M12 connectors, OBD box solution.


Vehicle communication interface(VCI)--Equipment for accessing and obtaining vehicle data, according to different configurations of a vehicle, the method of connecting the VCI device to the vehicle diagnostic seat is divided into the following two types:

① Vehicles compatible with the OBDII management system communicate via a standard J-1962 diagnostics station and provide 12V power.

② Vehicles that are not compatible with the OBDII management system are connected and communicated through the diagnostic socket and, in some cases, provide 12V power by connecting a cigarette lighter socket or vehicle battery.

Pin Definition

Car Diagnostic Tool Industry


The customer informs the salesman of the relevant requirements and ideas ,they need the core to add the light. The reason is that in the auto repair shop, the light is dark, and the light can quickly find the plug. The engineering department received the information provided by the sales department.

First, the engineering department met to discuss how to add this function to the existing molds, which can save resources and reduce costs for customers. The relevant departments will hold a meeting discussion. If this function cannot be realized on the existing mold, then a meeting or a second meeting will be held to open a new mold and give a plan.

Then, the salesman provides the plan and drawings to the customer. The customer very satisfied with this solution and believes that his requirements can be fulfilled. The salesman informed the engineering department of the result and the engineering department conducted the proofing. The salesperson sends the sample to the customer and the customer is very satisfied with the sample. A large number of orders began production.

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