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OBDII 16pin Female ConnectorOBDII 16pin Female Connector

YH1003-1 TO YH5039 OBDII 16pin Female Connector With 4.0mm Socket Connection

Model Number: YH1003-1 TO YH5039
Certification: ROHS, REACH
Minimum Order: 100pcs
Delivery Time: About 20days
Payment Terms: T/TWestern Union
Supply Ability: 20000 pieces per month


YH1003-1 TO YH5039 OBDII 16pin Female Connector With 4.0mm Socket Connection. A banana connector is a single-wire electrical connector used for joining wires to equipment. The term 4 mm connector is most used, especially in Europe, although not all banana connectors will mate with 4 mm parts.

These banana plugs feature nickel plated copper connectors that minimize corrosion and ensure maximum signal transfer. The Center pin technology allows for quick & easy installation with no wire stripping.

Double Ended and STACKABLE type, Practical and Economical!

Nickel-clad copper Banana Plug, integration of Injection Molding with high Quality!

High quality banana plug suitable for use with wide ranges, such as multi-meters, TV, Audio, Video, can withstand high voltage.


Non twisting cable extension with 4.0mm banana socket connection. Connect with variety of cable, can extend the testing cable. These 4 mm shrouded to un-shrouded adaptors allow our standard and premium test leads to be connected to any breakout box with un-shrouded 4 mm sockets.

products specification
Wire Specification
Cable length 200mm & customized
Cable jacket PVC
Cable pinout Customized
Cable cross-section 18AWG
Cable Bending testing life NO
Terminals Applied Optical cable NO
Plug test  
Electronic Parameter
Withstand Voltage 300V DC
Insulation Resistance Over 2MΩ
Rated current 1A ~ 3A
Contact Resistance MAX 1Ω (L≤3M)
Wire Rated temperature -20 ~ 105 ℃

● The 4.0mm Banana plug with PVC molding is independent research and development by our strong R&D department.

● The raw material of Banana plug must through extremely strict testing before store in our warehouse.

● Our factory is certificated with TUV/ISO 9001:2015, and producing the Banana plug cable according to the processing strictly.

● The nickel-clad copper banana plug connector is compliance with Reach &RoHS.

● Before the shipment of the Banana plug connector, we will test the product with 100% testing to ensure zero defects.


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